Interested in Camp Activities?

Want to give your child an experience that will last a lifetime? Join us as our Club Camps participants engage in team activities, such as sports, arts and crafts, water play and so much more! At Club Camps, we hope that your child will not only have fun but gain friendships and become inspired by the memories they made with us.

Why Choose Us


Does your child have an interest in golf? Perfect! Our program includes golfing lessons at most clubs!


Allow your child to express their creativity through our arts and crafts program. 


Work hard and play harder! See what fun tennis lessons and activities our instructors have to offer! 


We encourage our youth to be team players while enjoying fun group activities. 

Cooking Lessons

Let your child dive into the culinary arts by exploring new recipes and recreating their favorite foods through our cooking demonstrations. 


Jump on in with us! We swim daily in our camps!!