Club Camps Advantage

All Club Camps are independently operated by outstanding camp directors and meet a standard of excellence on all levels including leadership, safety, program offerings, staff recruitment, training and outstanding, well-maintained facilities.


Great Programs

From daily activities of team sports, arts & crafts, tennis, golf, water play, and more there is never a dull moment at camp! While the activities vary with each club and their availability, there is something exciting for everyone.

Great Facilities

All of our club partners operate facilities that are top-rate, unlike anything most have ever seen. The facilities at each camp vary due to the club amenities, and we utilize all the amenities each club has to offer! Most have swimming pools and tennis courts, and some have well-maintained golf courses, recreation areas, basketball courts, playgrounds, child development centers, and more.

Great Directors

Each club has an outstanding reputation, unique history, and traditions. The camp directors are dedicated to the continuity of their club’s heritage and to the relationships they have established with campers and their families.

Great Staff

Year-round staff recruitment and mentoring programs develop an outstanding team of camp professionals attracting the most qualified instructors and counselors.

Great Kids…Friendships…Memories

All the programs and facilities do not match the invaluable friendships and memories made at camp. Our campers return each year because of the deep lasting friendships they make!


Club Camps is dedicated to providing our current and future customers with superior service.